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GenZ Automotive F&I

The Next Generation of F&I has arrived. Are you in?

Vehicle Protection, Reimagined.

Power Up Your F&I With GenZ Automotive.

Our Promise

Bold & Better

Offer your customers value-for-money custom protection plans designed to suit every driver's needs.

Proven Partner 

There’s a reason America’s largest dealer groups and hundreds of independent dealers work with us. Read their testimonials and see what we can do for you.

New Revenue Driver

From ancilliary products to VSCs and bundles, all our rates are best-in-class to provide our customers with outsized margins while staying competitive. 

Innovation First 

A new generation of drivers and vehicles call for new protection products and services. Stay ahead of the pack with GenZ Automotive.

Unmatched Branding

Our unique F&I offering combines physical and digital branding resulting in outstanding customer satisfaction.

The Future Is Now. Jump In With GenZ Automotive.

Our Products
That’s why at GenZ Automotive, we only deal with A-Rated carriers and a network of high-quality repair facilities that are ASE Certified. We are a company built on transparency backed by one of the leading highest-rated and fastest-growing F&I Administrators.

Together With Our Partners, We Always Have Your Back.

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GenZ Guard


GenZ Highline


Tire & Wheel

Value Protect

Keyfetch Plus


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