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​​We all know that keys have become more advanced and as a result more expensive, in some cases costing as much as $800 to replace. Powered by patented technology which helps recover 80%+ of lost keys/fobs within 24 hours, the Keyfetch contract provides a unique tangible value for customers while delivering high volume and margins for dealers.

​​The Leading Key Replacement Contract In America.


Tangible Value


Smart keychains branded with your dealership logo

Up To $800

Replacement costs

Also includes key lock-out service and towing up to 50 miles.

Option to upgrade to Keyfetch Plus to add ID Theft Protection

It's The Little Things Which Make A Big Difference.

Complimentary Services

TagMyPhone App

To protect your customers from losing their cell phones.

Petfetch Pet Tag

To protect your customers from losing their pets.

Really Want That Website For Your Dealership?

Introducing Your Very Own Key Loss Protection Website.

Unique Dealer Benefit

All our dealership customers benefit from a FREE private labelled key loss retrieval website which co-exists with your dealership's website. The site is powered by our safe, secure and simple key loss retrieval technology, which allows owners of lost keys to connect with their finders anonymously. We’ve created hundreds of websites for dealerships across the country. Each site is fully custom-made and SEO-optimized while offering an extension of your marketing objectives with a proven way to help reunite your customers with their missing keys.

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