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Vehicles involved in accidents can see their trade-in value decrease by up to 30%. Even if the damage is properly repaired or the accident was through no fault of their own, the potential loss in value can be significant. That’s why we’ve created the Value Protect Option Contract to help maintain the trade-in value of damaged vehicles, thereby ensuring your customers' investments are sound from the first mile to the last.

Because ​Accidents Happen.

​Value Protect


Made for customers who value peace of mind


Safeguard your customers' investments

Purchase of Value Protect Option Contract may be rolled in the cost of monthly payments along with different levels of benefits.

Ultimate Protection Against Unexpected Damages.

How Value Protect Works
Trade-In Value After Accident Without
Diminished Value Protection


Trade-In Value After Accident With  Diminished Value Protection


Trade-In Value Before Accident


For illustrative purposes only. Actual trade-in values and offers may vary

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