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The Tire & Wheel Service Contract from GenZ Automotive provides great coverage for your customers in the event their tires and/or wheels become damaged by road hazards such as metal, nails, glass, branches, debris or even potholes.

​Minor Mishaps Can Add Up To Major Costs

Tire & Wheel Protection



12 to 84 Months


Option to extend cosmetic damage coverage to the outside face of the wheel. The plan includes 24-hour emergency towing. Tire & Wheel protection can be rolled into the GenZ Guard ultimate protection bundle.

Triple Protected!

What We Cover

Tire Hazard


Covers  the  cost  to  repair  or  replace  a  flat  tire  due  to road  hazard damage.

Cosmetic Wheel


Covers the cost to repair cosmetic damage to the outside face of a wheel due to road hazard damage such as curb rash

Wheel Hazard


Covers  the  cost  to  repair  or  replace  a  wheel  due  to road  hazard damage.

Additional Benefits

  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Benefits continue for the term of the Tire & Wheel Service Contract up to the contract limits, even after repair or replacement
  • No restrictions based on mileage
  • Fully transferable
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