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Planning For The Unexpected.

Highline VSC

Each customer is unique and the type of protection they need should match them. With the GenZ Highline VSC, we provide 4 different protection levels purpose-built to drive sales and customer satisfaction.

With our fully customizable plans, we can help dealer partners maximize profits while finding solutions that match any customer's needs.

4 Tiered Levels

Custom Built to Deliver

Emergency Roadside Assistance and Rental Reimbursement is also included.

Market-Beating High Mileage Rates

Tailor-Made For Each Budget.

Protection Levels
  • Engine

    • Gasoline, Diesel & Enhanced​

  • Transmission

    • Automatic & Standard​

  • Drivetrain

    • Front & Rear Wheel Drive

    • Hybrid/Electric Components

    • Seals & Gaskets

    • 4x4/AWD

  • All Coverage In Level 1 Plus

    • Airconditioning

    • Brakes

    • Electrical

    • Hybrid/Electric Components (Expanded)

    • Steering

    • Suspension

  • All Coverage In Level 1&2 Plus

    • Anti-Lock Brake System

    • Enhanced Electrical

    • Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Plus

    • Miscellaneous Components

  • Comprehensive coverage for the mechanical breakdown of all parts of your vehicle, except those specifically excluded.

This Is Our Flagship Product And We Aim To Beat All Expectations.
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